Aromatherapy and Good Nutrition For Sleep

Food and Aromatherapy May Help Fix Your Sleep Problems

A quick trip to the store today because I’d fallen off the wagon. Not the alcohol wagon but the good nutrition wagon. It’s amazing how all the years of watching what I eat goes by the wayside when company comes to stay. I did manage to get one grandkid to eat an apple but that was about all that was healthy that day.

We all know or should know to prevent a life of unhealthiness as much as possible we need a few Sleepingessentials in life such as good sound nutrition, relief from stress, exercise and a most important item everyone seems to not get enough of and that is sleep. We don’t need prescription sleeping pills or a shot before bedtime but a combination of nutrition and aromatherapy could be what your doctor don’t want you to order. You see he makes money on prescriptions and sick people and if you aren’t sick, well, it cuts into his or her income. Get out the scissors because I’ll try to do some cutting on that and help you too.  I’d like to sleep like a dog.

If you aren’t getting enough sleep and good nutrition you are not providing your body the energy you need and it zaps your quality of life. Your body just can’t prevent or repair itself if you aren’t getting enough sleep.

When company came I made a lot of bad food choices and today decided I’d gotten off track too long. One thing you want to make sure is if your bed is uncomfortable including the worn out pillows, sheets and blankets it makes sense to replace them first. But, let’s say you are up to date on furniture and accessories in the bedroom, check the thermostat and make sure it is cooler at night and no noisy appliances are keeping you from sleeping. Now we’ll check the food choices.

Get Good Nutrition: It Is Most Important

Who hasn’t heard that if we want to prevent health issues you have to eat right and watch the size of your portions. If you tend to overeat the last meal of the day it will make it harder to get to sleep or stay asleep. Assuming you knew that you also need to know that if your stomach is stuffed full at bedtime you will feel miserable all night long. So as grandma would say use your common sense and quit eating when you are no longer hungry and before you are so full you’ll suffer for it.

If you eat too much or eat the wrong thing before bed it can cause acid reflux during the night causing food to rise up in your throat. It is an irritating and painful experience. If left untreated the acid reflux will develop into a real big health issue. For a quick relief of that I use apple cider vinegar that has the mother in it and I used to only be able to get it at the health food store but now the discount big box stores carries it. It only takes a couple capfuls a day in a few ounces of water to get rid of any pressure.

As unappetizing as it sounds to some people drinking a glass of warm milk before bedtime was popular several years ago on old TV shows. It sounded nasty to me because ice cold milk was best. However, warm milk does have its sleep-inducing benefits giving a warm comfortable feeling. Also, another drink to try for a double good effect and that is kefir which is a dairy product that has good qualities for digestion. You can make your own and it is simple to do and good for your health.

Melatonin is an essential element necessary for promoting sleep. A few walnuts would be a perfect snack before bed because of their melatonin content. Another good source of melatonin is cherries. A mixture of these two items before bed will help get that sleep needed. Also, another source for getting help sleeping is in another nut – almonds. Almonds will help you attain more sleep because of it’s richness in magnesium.

Rather than depending on sleeping pills or other prescription drugs there are many alternative ways to try to take control of your own life. For myself, I hate the idea of running to the doctor for something I could fix myself and would rather find an ounce of prevention that will hopefully keep away as much unhealthiness as possible. The food choices we make each day to make a habit of it can make a difference in the way we feel.

Aromatherapy Aids Sleep Too!

Now that we have you on track with your nutritional tips we will incorporate a few aromatherapy items that will aid you as well.  The first four items listed are Essential Oils and are linked here for your shopping and more information about their properties.  That link will open a new page so you can switch back here for other items.  Links have been removed.

  • Lavender
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Bergamot
  • Marjoram
  • Chamomile Tea — Is obviously a drink but is also aromatic as well as flavorful. Drink it after dinner and just before bedtime. Contains organic Chamomile flowers
  • Sleep Ease Oil–  Works as a soothing relaxing oil to reduce stress and tension!   Contains: Organic Jojoba oil, Grapeseed oil, and a blend of pure essential oils including sweet Marjoram, Hops, Valerian, Moroccan Chamomile, organic Roman Chamomile, and organic Lavender.

All that’s left now is counting sheep or reciting your favorite Bible verse when you lay down.







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