Combat MRSA With Essential Oils

Writing for me has taken a long vacation and now it is time to get with it again.  2013 was a stinker of a year with way too many funerals.

It has been three days since the big snow of 2014 along with the 30 degree below zero temperatures. Cabin fever is something that never really bothered me much because I guess I’m really a stay at home type.  My first time to go to the post office since before the storm hit is today and I just got back and was hoping my orders for essential oils and winter time teas were in.   I guess even the post office has trouble during the big snows and cold too.

As I began to do research today for this article on Essential Oils and Aromatherapy it became very apparent how much of a creature of habit I am. Here I am disappointed my order hadn’t arrived yet. Even though I just ordered it last week and weather took over life around here.  I then thought I buy the same things every time. I order beeswax, comfrey oil, herbal teas and a few other repeat items.

However, there are a few items I may need to add to the list next time I order.

The essential oils of thyme and cinnamon for sure because they are being studied and shown to be effective in fighting the drug resistant strains of MRSA (the one it seems everyone gets at the hospital). I won’t go into the number of stories I’ve heard about people going for help and coming home from the hospital with worse problems because of MRSA.

Throughout this site and others you will see that for hundreds of years essential oils have been used for their aromatherapy or therapeutic benefits. I use tea tree oil to treat ailments of every sort on myself and grandkids. Tea Tree oil was in soldiers kits for war time to treat infections and is an effective antiseptic for kids skin itches and cuts. Don’t tell your dentist you are using it in your mouth unless you want to get scolded for it. It works for me on quite a few irritations and I put it under bandages when I get cut or on bug bites.

I’ve put tea tree oil on my head with shampoo but if you try that be sure and not get it in your eyes. There was a lot of stories about head lice going around the schools and hearing stories like that makes my head itch anyway so an ounce of prevention is worth the pound of cure to me. So far with 6 grandkids in school none of us got any head lice and it is always in stock in my house.

Getting back to using thyme and cinnamon oil to treat MRSA or for people like me I think about ounce of prevention as mentioned above. Thyme (Red) Essential Oil is known for its antiseptic and disinfectant properties and also used for a household cleaner.

Cinnamon oil has been around and was a highly prized spice even during Biblical times. It is well known for its history of culinary and antiseptic medicinal uses.

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  1. Really, some oils work as antibiotic for this contagious infection, I have heard about some oils like tea tree oil, and lavender oil and these will help in killing the MRSA bacteria. Thank you so much for sharing this post as I have got additional information regarding essential oils.

    • We have found several uses for essential oils. It’s an uphill battle with some to get them to try things but when the kids get sick they come to grandpa for his remedies. Thank you for reading & the comment.

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