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There are people out there called spammers, spoofers or whatever.  These individuals are crooks.  They try to use their name or code at as an email addresss to do their dirty deeds.  There is no email but one official one for this site.  If you want to find out what that email is use the contact form or use jeff at sign . Anything else is unauthorized and a scam.  There are no authorized purchases being made or credit information from any address here.  As of 11-25-16 I changed the contact form. Why you may wonder.  Because of people or robots with nothing better to do than send out spam using my site information.  There is only one authorized email from this site & there are no purchases made with that email.  I was advised to change my contact form & now have a captcha booster that tracks IP addresses.  We’ll see if it stops the garbage!!!!

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