No More Stink Foot – Recipe

Aromatherapy Recipe

Do you know of anyone with the stink-foot?  Hold the nose when so and so comes in the room and takes their hot sweaty shoes off. 

 Here’s an all natural odor-defying solution recipe. Potent herbal fresheners will absorb moisture and odor while deterring bacteria from making a home in your favorite footwear.  All the links in the ingredients will take you to Mountain Rose for that item.


1lb or 2 cups of Baking Soda

40 drops Organic Rosemary Essential Oil

1 cup of Organic Sage Leaf

6 Large Cotton Muslin Bags 

6 Large Paper Tea Bags (optional)


Assemble and mix all ingredients together in a bowl.  Next fill the large tea bags with the mixture and then stuff inside the cotton drawstring bags. Tea bags will keep the powder from seeping out, but you can skip this step if you don’t mind a light dusting. Place one bag inside each boot. Makes enough for 3 pairs of stinky shoes and lasts up to 3 months. The baking soda will absorb the rosemary scent after a while, so feel free to add a few more drops of essential oil when needed. 

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Aromatherapy Candles – In The Mood

“In the Mood” by big band era leader, Glenn Miller, kept running in my mind as I write this.

In a previous article I had written about music reducing stress.  I would think playing Glenn’s music or whatever good and soothing music you like that aromatherapy or more specifically aromatherapy candles help set whatever the atmosphere improving the ambience in almost any situations.   I ought to try that in traffic.

Jimmy Durante had to have had the best mood because of his nose and ability to play music.   Why would his nose have anything to do with his mood.  It has been documented that the sense of smell directly affects our emotions and part of our nervous system that helps to control our emotions is connected to our nose.  That is proof using aromatherapy candles will have an effect on our mind and emotions.  Do the research and choose the correct scent for the mood you want to happen.

In case you are new to aromatherapy there are many ways to get the most out of the aroma, but one of the most popular ways is through dispersing it into the air with candles. You will find if you do a little research that aromatherapy candles aren’t all alike being made in a variety of ways, with different ingredients. Some will even be burned in various ways. Continue reading


How Music Can Help With Stress

Before getting on with the show here’s a short interlude away from aromatherapy.

After a night on the town or long week at work you may not be ready to bust a move but you are ready to de-stress a bit aren’t you?  When I was a teenager many decades ago I could get rid of my stress with my electric guitar and take out the garbage that was eating away at me.  Now even today I’m not much on Bach, Beethoven and Brahms known as the three Bs of stress busting.  I can listen to a little of it but good old 50’s and 60’s tunes works better for me.  The composers of a long ago age are reaching out and putting an end to stress in people they’ve never met.  I almost heard Rod Serling speaking from the twilight zone for a second.

The old TV shows are the best but all that aside – Bach, Beethoven and Brahms were composers of classical music. Classical music appeals to some of your senses.  It produces calming tones from instruments like violins, pianos, guitars and flutes. Continue reading