Introduction to Aromatherapy Aid



First order of business today is to say Thank You  for taking the time to look through my new site .

As an introduction to those who do not know me or my background my name is Jeff Bush and that’s my picture with Sandy on the posting. Through the years I’ve tried a variety of health related products.   Growing up I saw elderly (to me) relatives with a variety of issues from heart problems to sitting in wheel chairs.  That imbedded in my brain and  made me more aware that I did not want to end up like that or worse.

We tried a lot of health related products and found some that I would recommend in a flash to anyone. Some I’ve tried were a waste of money, effort and time.  I’ll skip all that stuff for now and may write a book on it sometime or another post and will just get to the point of “why aromatherapy”.

We may not want to live to be 120 but we hate the achiness of aging or injuries and quality of life no matter how long we live is important.  If we can’t enjoy the time we are above ground what’s the use.  Well being is what the “therapy” reminds me of and “aid” goes right along with it.  So for what I’ve learned I’m recommending aromatherapy + aid so you can hopefully find the relief or soothing feeling you are looking for.

Aromatherapy got it’s name from a French perfumer, Rene Gattfosse back in the 1920’s.  There’s a lot more information on that and it’s in the e-books you can get with the newsletter. Continue reading