Endless Search For Relief

For Pete’s Sake, I Swear!!

Great Horny Toads, Dagnabit, Doggone it, Sonofamonkeysmack!!

Okay, what a potty-mouth and that is just a sample of the tirade people like me say out loud or think to themselves.  In case you are thinking to yourself, well I am not like you, because I would never think, let alone say such words.

Maybe I should explain a bit about who I am or at least who I am (was) trying to be.

Salesman Entrepreneur

Like a TV show that portrays an alcoholic at his / her AA meeting, “hello, my name is insert name here“.  Well, I am not an alcoholic, but, some would consider me a health nut addicted to trying to earn a living online.  We don’t attend meetings but we buy lots of stuff teaching us how to make money online.  Did any of it work?  Sure, I learned how to make a website, write my own articles, sign up as an affiliate and more.  Did it make any money?  The short answer would be “No” but I sure learned a lot.  I can’t spend it but still it counts for something, I think?

What did you learn you might ask quizzically?  Other than the tirade of dirty words at the beginning of the article I learned not everything will work as described.  I learned I’m not as dumb as I thought and I’m also not as smart as I thought.  Nothing sticks around forever which is the basis for this article.  As healthful as I’d like to think I am or working to be I can’t escape death.  Although I am not planning on going anytime soon which is why I buy a lot of aromatherapy / essential oils and healthy food, it is going to happen (someday).  Also, it is 100% guaranteed to everyone regardless of how they react / respond to what I sell.  Because, if you buy through my websites affiliate links you will still suffer the same end as those that didn’t buy.  You know nothing is guaranteed except taxes and death.

That doesn’t mean I’m quitting but the part about making money online through affiliate links sometimes causes my language to be more outlandish.  Who in their right mind would say sonofamonkeysmack?  I can’t quit the website yet because I just renewed it for 2 more years. Dagnabit, could have saved some effort, time and money if I hadn’t renewed on time.

What R U Nutso?

Endless Search for Relief

Endless Search for Relief

So that you do not think I have gone completely bonkers, the ding dong links for one of my affiliates is disappearing.  All that labor, all those things I bought to try for a healthy life, all the hours toiling over articles that may not be read or the readers never subscribe – just poof – will disappear and end the “endless search for relief” (see picture).

Not only that the day the links disappear is a very important date in history. October 21, 2016 exactly 64 years after my thrilling entrance dirtying up every cloth diaper around – my Mountain Rose affiliate links are caput, finito, done dirtying up my website.

Just when I thought I might make a paycheck from affiliate marketing. But no, it is now just me, my social security (for however long that lasts), and my VA compensation to carry me into retirement. There will be no extra affiliate income to pad my penchant for guitar videos, or for extra healthy food or whiff of an essential oil to boost the economy of ex-affiliates let alone my own.

Okay, now you got the idea I am sure. The affiliate links will work until my birthday & then sayonara, farewell into that place in the sky reserved for those who jerk the rug out from under us struggling here.  Is there anyone interested in buying a website?  I’ll sell dirt cheap & if you get DE through my affiliate link you get the dirt too.

By the way, after my birthday, the links will still be in business and selling super quality products that do work.  It is just the affiliate links will have to be gone through on websites around the world to fix, delete, cause extra work for those who are still not making any income from it.  One more thing I just learned, I hate spell check and left words spelled the way I wrote them. Finito ended.

**As an update today 10-28-2016 I finished getting rid of all the MR links, ads etc. on this website.  Now to the other sites to remove them there too.  What a lengthy process and overall pain in the neck.  As I got towards the end I discovered a short cut, my luck.  Oh well.  Que Sera or whatever that song said that meant moving right along.  Please check out the AromaTherapyAid Store for recommended products I put on my store there.  If that affiliate quits I can just delete one page instead of going through all this editing again.  Thanks for reading.