Fight Stress With Pure Tranquility

Fight Stress With Pure Tranquility

Happy New Year is underway and who isn’t looking forward to spring?

Towards the end of 2016 I was in a pickle.  Things around here were in a mess for us to say the least.  Maybe life doesn’t affect some people but if you are like me life sometimes gets you down for several reasons and most are out of our control.  I know I am not alone in thinking the worst sometimes based on TV commercials where an actor tries to get you to ask your doctor for the drug they are selling.  Tip – Mute drug ads.

The mess was not bad enough for me to call a doctor and ask for any drug.  I’m sure without going into details about my life you can come up with enough to write articles on here better than me.

On this site I’ve tried talking about what I find that can help you get rid of ailments or make it less agitating if possible.  I originally started this site to talk about Aroma Therapy Aid and how essential oils might assist you in your search for relief.   I like making my recipes or those that know me call them another of  Grandpa Jeff’s concoctions, potions or whatever.  Yes, I believe there’s family who may be poking fun at me.  It isn’t nice to do that to senior citizens.  I do threaten to come back and haunt those who do make fun of me in the distant future or scratch them out of my will.

I have a new source of essential oils called Améo.   After a couple weeks of researching it I decided on that brand.  It was way more involved than a coin flip or going eenie meenie miney moe but long story short – we like Améo.   So as we use them I’ll review them & tell what I know.  Please read more …. Continue reading